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New Amsterdam Season Finale Promo Photos

In what will likely be the last we see this year, FOX has released 8 promo photos for episode 8 - the season finale.

You can see them here (along with photos for all the other episodes):

I'll have 300DPI versions posted in the forum shortly. As always, I request that if you use any from the site to make fan art that you please show your thanks by posting a link in our NA Fan Art forum, too (guest posting enabled).


TVGuide mention!

Hey, guys! Not quite sure if you knew about this, but I rather enjoyed this shout-out from TVGuide:

Posted by Eric2542...

Cheers to New Amsterdam for being one of the best new shows on TV. In a post-writers' strike TV viewing world, this is a cop show with a twist, which is what viewers need — something refreshing and new. I was watching the latest episode, and I realized this is perhaps the best cop show ever.

Go show, go! ^^



Only a small batch of icons, but they all have John in them. ;)  Oh, except for one of 36.

[16] New Amsterdam

The rest.

Hey all,

I've been receiving a lot of email from fans recently, asking what they can do to show their support for New Amsterdam. Even when achieving more than respectable ratings and garnering many positive reviews, genre shows often have a hard time surviving on mainstream television. The best time for fans to show their support is BEFORE a show is canceled and a forum member has suggested a simple yet effective way to attract the attention of TPTB. We want to send FOX vintage style postcards depicting scenes or other graphics which relate to the rich history of the city of New York, John Amsterdam's home for the last 366+ years.

If you enjoy New Amsterdam then the time to start this is NOW. With the failure of Canterbury's Law in the 8PM ET slot, New Amsterdam is being left to fend for itself as a stand-alone on Mondays and it's ratings have suffered the last two weeks despite growing it's audience by 35% in the demo coming out of CL.


Please join us in this preemptive/proactive campaign.


I think it's been a while since I posted about new NA goodies here, so thought I'd provide a quick overview of recent updates to http://newamsterdam-forever.com ;

Official episode descriptions are available for all episodes through #6 "Legacy"

FOX promo photos are available for all episodes through #6, as well
(Note: if you use any of these for fan art, please linkback as to the source and think about posting links to your creations in our fan art forum so people outside LJ can enjoy them.)

The Video Library has been greatly expanded and includes cast interviews and trailers through episode 4

Finally, We have a sound score listing for all music through episode 3

I think that does it. :-) Also, if anyone is interested, we're holding a Live Chat tomorrow during and after the episode.

Ficlet: Angel in Amsterdam

Title: Angel in Amsterdam
Rating:PG...maybe PG-13 for the crime that was committed.
Author: Alexiel15
Spoilers: I'm thinkin all three episodes, minus the last scene in Ep. 3, 'Soldiers Heart'. 
Summary: On a smoky night in New York, John tracks down a rapist and comforts the woman who was caught in his clutches...


Icons: Episode 1.3

So I lied. I'm trying out various different things with this batch. Some of them are quite crap.

4: 10: 17:

17 icons, chock full of episode 3 spoilers under the cut. One uses a naughty word.Collapse )

Screencaps - Episode 1.3

Sorry it's taken so long to get these up. This week, I thought I'd be smart and turn auto-capping off and do it myself. I wound up with more than I did when I auto-capped and it took me hours to prune it down. I need to figure out a happy medium here. :)

Cut for previews. Spoilers for the episode.Collapse )

Some of 'em will get iconed...at some point. You'll definitely find comedy faces in this batch.

Download the folder here.

Q&A With Omar's Mom - Yolonda Ross

I've done a small Q&A with Yolonda Ross that I thought people here would be interested in reading. It provides some info on her career and her involvement with the show.